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Project FLAG is a research study, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, focused on learning more about GISTs (gastrointestinal stromal tumors) that may be hereditary. We know that, like all other forms of cancer, GISTs may rarely occur in more than one member of a family, but we don’t know how often GISTs may develop because of an inherited factor. Since only a small number of families with hereditary GIST have been described in the medical literature, not much is known about it. We hope that by looking at the family histories and genes of people with GIST, we will learn how often GISTs occur because of a genetic factor and how best to monitor for early GIST in individuals at high genetic risk.

Watch the video for more information about GIST and Project FLAG.

We hope to enroll about 800 individuals with GIST into Project FLAG. We will collect information about family cancer history and, if possible, a sample of DNA from blood or saliva, so that we can identify the frequency of hereditary GIST, and whether other cancers or conditions may be signs that a GIST may have occurred because of an inherited factor.

People who enroll in Project FLAG also have the option to be part of a registry of GIST families for future studies of familial GIST. Your participation in FLAG may help future individuals and families affected by GIST.

Who is eligible to enroll in FLAG?

STUDY CLOSED: This study is currently closed to enrolling new families. We thank all the patients and families that were so kind to contribute their time to this research project. We do encourage you to contact the study team if you have questions regarding past participation or general questions about familial GIST. We look forward to sharing information gained from the study in the near future.

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